DIAGNOSTICS– in Stomapolis we perform digital dental X-rays in an easy and safe for the patient manner, which speeds up making a decision concerning the method of further treatment.

SILVER NANOPARTICLES – are silver particles of a billionth of a meter in size. Thanks to their size, they easily penetrate cell membranes of bacteria, change the normal course of cellular processes causing the death of micro organisms. Thanks to the enormous bactericidal and fungicidal potential, we use silver in the form of nanoparticles for rinsing root canals in the process of root canal treatment, which prevents subsequent root canal infections, rinsing infected alveolus (tooth sockets), rinsing gingival pockets in patients with periodontal diseases (formerly parodontosis) and for disinfection of the mucosal surface.

GOLD NANOPARTICLES– have bactericidal and fungicidal effect. They also fight infections and are used in the therapy of cancer and rheumatoid diseases. In Stomapolis, we use gold nanoparticles in association with vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, protects against infections, takes part in the collagen synthesis and speeds up the process of wound healing. We use this unique combination in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums as a complement to hygienization treatments.