Passion and determination as well as the years of preparation of people working in Stomapolis resulted in creating a friendly and professional place. Every patient is unique and welcomed here with a smile by our trained staff. A comfortable waiting room and pleasant warm colors of the interior will allow you to spend your time with pleasure and reduce the stress related to a dental appointment. Modern equipment enables carrying out treatments at the highest level. Respecting our patients’ time, we always make appointments and the admissions are carried out on time.

Bearing in mind patients’ welfare and the quality of our services, the Stomapolis team is guided by four crucial principles: reliability, confidence, professionalism and care.

RELIABILITY – an accurate diagnosis is the most important in the treatment process. Thanks to precise determination of what caused the complaint, the patients can be assured that doctors use appropriate treatment leading to a cure. Access to modern techniques, specialist equipment, the best materials available on the market and constant improvement of qualifications allow for reliable implementation of even the most complex treatment plans.

CONFIDENCE – our clinic is a place whose philosophy is based on mutual trust and respect of patients, doctors and other staff. Therefore, we want our patients to have full information on the condition of their teeth, planned methods of treatment and the expected results. We spare no time to conversation and answer all questions in a simple way, which allows to dispel patients’ doubts and fears.

PROFESSIONALISM – many years of preparation, completed training courses and developed standards allow us to offer patients a wide range of services at the highest level. Special attention is given to motivating patients to treatment and proper oral care. We also carry out trainings in oral hygiene for children and adults, overcome fears and stereotypes concerning dental treatment.

CARE – if there is any concern, our patients can always contact us by phone or come even though the appointment was not arranged earlier. They will receive medical advice and help also on holidays. Thanks to contacts with scientific institutions and research centres we can guide the treatment, which is impracticable on an outpatient basis (hospitalization, treatments under general anesthesia).